Color recovery or show of colorization? February 5, 2016

That should be understood, there is no any purpose to recover modern color photos after someone colorlessed them. Black and white photo, which made from modern color photo using buttons in photoeditor, is not the same that actual black and white photo. Levels of hue, chroma and contrast are still the same even if you pressed the button "to make photo as black and white". Our system is working good enough with such "black and white photos". Here is an example. We googled this KFC image:

Then we made it as black and white image, using Paintnet:

Then we applied Solar Green Color Process and got this one:

Then without any photo designers we just pressed the button "Automatical level control" in the same Paintnet, and wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But why we are not so happy? Because there is a big difference between black and white image made from color image and actual blcack and white image made in 19th century! That's why all achivments in color recovery are demonstrated by other companies only in comparison in this way: color photo, then we made black and white photo, then we got it back in color! They just can't recover actual black and white photo! That's why our actual recovered examples sometimes look no so atractive. We did color recovery of real black and white images. All those images were made in early times in different light and technical conditions. Just think about that! That's why we have never posted results like in this post. We aren't interested to recover images which are already in color! To do that just for show? No! We've alreday made that in this post with KFC image! Our system works good with images which were color, but lost colors in photo editors. At the end of this post I want to ask you, dear friends! What the difference between actual black and white photo and black and white photo made from color photo? Why our results from first is not succesfull (yet), but we can recover any black and white image made from color image! If you answer that, you'll understand what we actually do!

And we also can make pictures like this, to show our high technical level )))))

PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE COLOR RECOVERY PROCESS WITH COLORIZATION. If you need in colorization, your reading of this post was just waste of your time.

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