Algorithm(ia) how to make nothing December 30, 2016

Recently we found out new web-service
They say that they "Use Deep Learning to Automatically Colorize Black and White Photos".

As I think, this statement is not entirely truth. "It" actually can paint sky in blue and grass in green. Of course "it" thinks that human skin is always creamy-brown.
But when I uploaded in "it"

this simple picture, "it" responded by this:

So, we have taught Solar Green to identify about 100 colors. But what the fuck about "Colorful Image Colorization microservice"?
As a matter of fact, this is result of Solar Green Color recovery. The process successfully passed this test about a year ago!

To talk about that service, I'm tend to think, "it" is some type of amusement. But there isn't any common with color recovery.

Ilia Smirnov

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