Solar Green Color Recovery

In 2015 we introduced Solar Green color process as new system of color recovery. We posted some recovered photo images to show you results of our work (some of our achievements you can see on examples page). However results of our observation and our work were non-satisfied, not enough. Who said that? We said. We said to ourselves we have to work more and more. Instead of colorization we wanted to show actual colors of past, without painting or color changing. So we've got a partial formula for each image or movie. Black and white world no longer exists. Solar Green color recovery technology is still being designed. We are ready to share each our result so we do on our blog page. We will answer to any of your questions. You can ask a question by emailing on

If you are looking for “colorization”, go to Google.

What is Solar Green?

It was 2012, when we addressed a problem of color recovery of old photos and film. We didn't inspire by results of process, which is called “colorization”. Truth be told, results of colorization were more than good, but .... in most cases, not real. It led to think that black-and-white image does not contain any color information, and designers are literally painted pictures as they liked. Our task was the recovery of colors, which photographer could see at the beginning, for example, of twentieth century. We may say that our work is actually work of physicists, rather than designers. For several years, we have been developing an algorithm of color recovery, which would allow not to apply painting (colorization) process and to work with any images or movies. We were very surprised when we found out color of clothes of our grandmothers, color of favorite flowers of Clark Gable, and how the sky looked during the days of Queen Victoria. Our work is not colorization; it is a constant study of past using physical knowledge. This is a look into past through today eyes, and we really want you can see the past in its present color. This is the purpose of Solar Green.

Just think how many secrets we can discover if we know how people (or cities or nature) of 19th century really looked! There are huge amount of black and white photoimages of the past in the world, which we can observe in true colors, without painting and decorating. We don’t make colorization of images. Again, if you are looking for “colorization”, go to Google.

Algorithm(ia) how to make nothing

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Ready to fight again

Only four days ago we started new program of color recovery (There was no such program in the world before this time!). The program can identify 141 colors only. But it’s studying. So we want to ....

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Getting back from escape

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